Big Ol’ Kitsch Update

I’ve been dropping and leaving and abandoning little Scrabble paintings all over Richmond and even Northern Virginia in the last week. Here are 8 more!

Bits o' Kitsch #10, Hi Moon

Hi Moon, left on a hotel lobby table,

Bits o' Kitsch #11, fire-breathing duckling

Fire-Breathing Duckling, set down upon a table with water coolers,

Bits o' Kitsch #12, Green Robot

Green Robot, sitting on a bench outside a community center,

Bits o' Kitsch #13, Mustachioed Bee

Mustachioed Bee, residing on a fountain in front of a science museum,

Bits o' Kitsch #14, Square Robot

Square Robot, dropped in a cafe,

Bits o' Kitsch #15, Crowned Sparrow

Crowned Sparrow, waiting for tickets at a theater box office,

Bits o' Kitsch #16, Dapper Sparrow

Dapper Sparrow, enjoying a First Friday art walk,

Bits o' Kitsch #17, Epic Beard

and Epic Beard, chillin’ at a coffee house.

The top two I left at the Holiday Inn Dulles while I attended the annual conference for the Mid-Atlantic region Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (or SCBWI). The Hi Moon painting sat on that table from about 9 pm Friday night, through breakfast, and nearly until lunch on Saturday. The Fire-Breathing Duckling sat on the water cooler table, where dozens of people stopped for a drink, for at least two hours. So I’d like to think children’s creators are the most honest people in the world and everyone believed that whoever lost these objects would be back for them. I’m hoping it wasn’t a sort of rejection of them as nobody wanted to take them!

If anyone is wondering about the order that I’m leaving these, it’s totally random. Scrabble tiles come in a little black velvet bag. After completing these paintings, I put them all back into the bag. When I’m going to leave one, I just reach my¬† hand in and grab it.

This update brings us to 17 out of 50. Thirty-three more to go!

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  1. Vinod Says:

    Love this idea!

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