Green Man!

There are many wonderful versions of the green man floating around out there and it’s a motif that I’ve been taken with for many years. Beyond the sculptural heads adorning cathedrals and a large number of home gardens, fantastic painted versions have been completed by modern masters such as Brian Froud and Charles Vess.

So, when I needed a new phone case, I didn’t want to just buy one off the rack. I wanted to design my own. Since the green man has had a special place in my heart for all this time (and it’s been hanging around asking to be painted so frequently lately), I decided I’d let one live on my communications device too.

Below is my version of the green man. It’s a black and white acrylic painting with digital color.



Also, an animated gif including the first few steps of sketch to paint and all of the photoshop layers to color. Sorry about the graininess. For some reason, i couldn’t get rid of it completely.


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